Radical or Not

Radical or Not, Here I Come

June 2016

Fundamental Islam and Christianity are on a collision course but political correctness and naivete’ have smothered the American public’s appreciation of the enormity of this threat. This book explores basic precepts of Islam and Christianity in an effort to explain the inevitability of this conflict about the two largest religions in the world. The author and his fictitious, best friend discuss comparisons of the two religions and their holy books. A surprise ending dramatizes why many Americans become radicalized and violent Muslims.


“The first thing you have to understand is that Islam is the State, politically and theologically. Here in the US we have separation of Church and State. In Pakistan and other Muslim countries, their Ayatollahs, Military dictators or Muslim Monarchs control everything and they can be tyrannical. Islam is incompatible with democracy and they will tell you that themselves.”

“Leroy, if you want to get a real personal and intimate feeling for the prophecy of Christ’s crucifixion you need to read Psalm 22:16-18 and at the same time think about the most painful physical event in your life. What was yours?”

Related Resources

The Bible

  • The King James Bible uses phraseology and sentence structures that come closest to sounding like English translations of the Koran.
  • The New American Standard is a solid translation of the Bible.


  • The Hadith are primary resources to help understand the Koran. They are collections of things Muhammed said and did as reported by reliable Muslim witnesses. There are several versions and they help interpret the Koran in somewhat similar fashion to Christian books of doctrine and commentaries.

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus – Nabeel Qureshi

  • This is another resource for those interested in understanding Islam and Christianity

Son of Hamas

  • This book reveals the inside of one of the world’s leading terrorist organizations

‘It would be shortsighted and naïve to presume that anger is the only reason for conversion to radical Islam in the US. As in the Crusades there are those who ‘join up’ seeking excitement and adventure.’

Radical or Not, Here I Come