Dale Story

Dale Story

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This biography about a special athlete is quite different from most. Like other biographies, it underscores Dale’s notable running achievements but does not stop there. It goes on to describe an excellent teacher who used his imagination and personal convictions to develop one of the most innovative environmental curriculums in the field of education. But his true legendary status is discovered in his many wild and exciting adventures in the great outdoors.

Excerpts from Dale Story

“In 1953, at the age of eleven Dale contracted polio. Within two days he was paralyzed from the neck down. It was a temporary condition that lasted about 8 ½ months. Though not permanent, it was devastating to a boy who had always loved to run. Lying motionless with no body parts sending signals back to the brain, he could only imagine the freedom of movement. For now, imagination was all he had. And sometimes it would take him to some pretty scary places.”

“Dale had always done a lot of hunting with his pet Winchester .22, shotguns and high-powered rifles. But for thirty-two years his favorite hunting weapon was a 52 inch, re-curve bow with broad-head arrows. He proudly owned a Damon Howatt with a 65-pound test pull at 28 inches. It was so powerful an average person would not be able to pull the bowstring back, even half way, before the braced front arm would begin to quiver from the strain.”

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‘His athletic career, adventures in the great outdoors and seminal record as an educator are reflections of those qualities. He loved to compete, to commune with nature and he loved his students.’

Dale Story