Is Islam a Religion of Peace?

What was not included in Radical or Not
August 11, 2017
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Is Islam a Religion of Peace?



Are these statements nonsense?  Are they Oxymoronic or a conundrum?  How can either proposition be true without the other being false?  When I began to write my first book, “Radical Or Not, Here I Come” I would have been scratching my head at these statements myself.  The primary confusion with such statements come from the current state of public naiveté and political correctness which smothers critical thinking concerning our monumental misunderstanding of true Islam, that is Fundamental Islam.  I chose to use my personal journey to a Christian faith as the vehicle to research this confusing area.  As a nation, we simply do not want to be perceived as judgmental about any other persons’ preferences, let alone chosen religion.

But let me ask a rhetorical question.  If I were to tell you that I am a died in the wool, Christian.  I love Jesus.  I love going to church and try to live a Biblically moral life.  But at the same time, I am also intelligent.  I have a Master’s degree in Exercise Physiology.  I totally buy into everything about Christianity except for one, tiny, little, insignificant point.  I can’t quite accept the “empty tomb” thing.  My intellect can explain that event away with several very normal possibilities.  Everything else is just fine, including the 300 fulfilled prophesies, Jesus walking on water and so forth.  Am I really a Christian?  Can I pick and choose what I believe from the Biblical account of history and still, accurately call myself a Christian?

To understand true, Fundamental Islam we must ask the same question of the sincere, “moderate” Muslim.  Do you (moderate Muslim) believe everything in the Qur’an, Muhammad’s biographies and the Hadith (collections of things said and done by Muhammad, as reported by eyewitnesses)?  Then how can you pick and choose about such things as Muhammad’s clear call for Jihad to mean war; that apostasy deserves a death sentence; that you must conquer the world, first by war if possible, infiltration if war doesn’t work or by terrorism.  To say you are moderate means you are either lying or do not understand your own religion.  You must pick and choose from the three foundations of Islam and you are not a true, fundamental Muslim.  Islam cannot be understood without knowledge of the biography of Muhammad, the Qur’an and the Hadith, collectively.

ISIS is not a Radical sect of Islam!  It is more accurate to refer to ISIS as a Fundamentalists group because they are carrying out, exactly what Muhammed taught.  Therefore, the title statement of this blog can be understood as a consistent understanding of true Islam.

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